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Venture and Startups

Venture and Startups

The Arc Companies makes investments along the capital stack of companies with disruptive technologies and innovative pharma solutions directly and through funds. We invest opportunistically throughout a company’s life cycle, from early stage pre-revenue ventures through later stage operating businesses. Our fund investments similarly run the gamut from seed to growth to IPO bridge rounds. The firm takes an active, long term view seeking to assist those we invest with in realizing their objectives through a vast network of connections in the United States and across the globe. We have assisted with potential customers, reference checks, financing sources, and consultants who can provide a positive impact for the start ups and funds in which we invest.

To date, our geographic focus on these investments has been Israel, the Americas, and Europe. Asia is in our roadmap.

We have invested in a wide range of areas including, as a sample, Fintech, Real Estate Tech, Digital Health, Pharma, Cyber, Industry 4.0, Mobility and Search.

We also provide advisory and related services to companies in areas where we focus our interests.

As an adjunct to our other activities, we invest in public markets and other alternatives.