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multi- disciplined approach

multi-disciplined approach

Members of the Arc Companies include Arc Real Estate Group LLC, engaged in sourcing, structuring and financing acquisitions and dispositions, Response Management LLC, the property management group, Arc Development LLC, the development group, Arc Marketing LLC, the sales and marketing side, Arc Real Estate Funds LLC, which raises funds and makes principal investments directly into assets that the group manages, and Arc Fund Manager, engaged in providing investment guidance in a range of areas including real estate.

We have expertise in site acquisition, strategic planning and construction in all forms of product types including office, residential, hotel, retail, institutional, time share, resort, assemblages and land development.

Our vertical integration provides us with a competitive advantages by controlling in designing , owning and managing property. We have grown into a leading developer of new and repositioned product for all market segments in predominantly metropolitan markets, such as New York. The genesis of our ideas begins with informed intuition based on decades of experience in the marketplace.